Tunisia | Power Market Forecast & Structural Analysis

Tunisia | Power Market Forecast & Structural Analysis

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This report contains a detailed analysis of Tunisia’s  present and future power demand and supply.

Our Tunisia’s Power Forecasts will ensure you are equipped with the accurate information and analysis to make the right decision for your company.

Data collection & analysis

On the supply side we identify individual power generating plant by size, location, type, capacity, age, fuel source, switching capacity, owner and geographic location.

The report contains a data sheet of this information for the customer’s own use.

Plant data is carefully disambiguated, and government exaggeration and misrepresentation are removed. Micro-plant is grouped.

The plant list is probably the clearest and most comprehensive description of plant available in the market today.

On the demand side we use proprietary algorithms to forecast trend GDP growth and power demand for 30 years ahead, including peak loads and total demand, iterating demand growth with capacity constraint where appropriate.

The analysis uses demand, load and capacity inputs illuminated by a comprehensive view of market regulation, market structures, geography, history, plant and distributor ownership, resource availability, national economic and political issues, carbon issues, interconnectors, grids, strategies, aims, fears and obstacles to predict the most likely vectors for plant and fuel choices for 30 years ahead.


Power Forecast Pdf. and Excel Datasheet

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