Kazakhstan - Challenges and Opportunities

Kazakhstan - Challenges and Opportunities

Pages : 49
Published : July-2018
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Kazakhstan is a prominent energy producer on the world stage, ranked among the top dozen or so countries in terms of proven oil, coal and uranium reserves. Among the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, it is the largest producer of liquid hydrocarbons. The country also has sizeable natural gas reserves, but to date it has mostly concentrated on oil. 

The outlook for Kazakhstan’s oil industry has improved dramatically over the past two years, even though the downturn in the global energy market persists.
In light of this and the continued interest and importance of the region, we are pleased to present to you our latest special report.

This wide ranging and detailed report will cover:

• Country overview
• Production, reserves and basin profiles
• Infrastructure analysis including both oil and gas assets
• Refining & petrochemicals – current, prospective and speculative projects
• Upstream onshore projects deep dive, including openings for IOCs and NOCs
• Future offshore exploration and the quest for another Kashagan
• Key figures within the Kazakh oil and gas sector